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Concrete - Ethereal Atrocities


Image of Concrete - Ethereal Atrocities

"Ethereal Atrocities"

1. Thinning the Veil
2. In Darkness They Exist
3. Crowning the Grotesque
4. Omnivorous Eradication
5. Into Lifeless Slumber
6. Thorns In Utopia
7. Symbiotic Hatred
8. The Strain-ridden Kind
9. Cinder Deity

Kalin Kolev - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Dimitrov - Guitar
Zhivko Stoyanov - Bass
Pavlin Nikolov - Drums

Produced by Todor Voynski
Engineered by Atanas Matchev, Marin Marinov and Kalin Kolev
Recorded at Playground Studio - Varna, Bulgaria
Mixed and mastered by Todor Voynski at Seaborne Studios - Sofia, Bulgaria

All music written and arranged by Concrete
All lyrics written and arranged by Kalin Kolev

All artwork by Angel Ivanov
Band and album logo by Kalin Kolev

Band photos by Anna-Maria Antonova